Fresh Orange


Freshly picked directly from the Fresh Farm Exims, which are A-grade fruits and rich in citrus acid. They are chemical free and non-pesticide product

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Fresh Farm Oranges are very sugary and juicy and considered to be the world’s finest orange for fresh consumption because they are very sweet, naturally juice, peels and segments very easily. It is wealthy in Vitamin C, A and Folate and includes small amounts of Vitamin E & B complex vitamins too.

Characteristics: Fresh, Sweet in taste, Juicy, Hygienic and natural
Benefits: Rich in Citrus Acid, Flavored, Graded, sorted and premium quality of fruit
Recipes: Orange Vanilla Shake
• Grate 1/4 teaspoon orange zest
• Peel and halve oranges and remove any seeds.
• Place fruit in a blender with ice, milk, vanilla, and zest.
• Puree until smooth and frothy
• Enjoy your drink!

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